AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service

This reference provides descriptions of the AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service API.

AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service is used to determine the entitlement of a customer to a given product. An entitlement represents capacity in a product owned by the customer. For example, a customer might own some number of users or seats in an SaaS application or some amount of data capacity in a multi-tenant database.

Getting Entitlement Records

This document is generated from apis/entitlement.marketplace-2017-01-11.normal.json. See JuliaCloud/AWSCore.jl.

using AWSSDK.MarketplaceEntitlementService.get_entitlements
get_entitlements([::AWSConfig], arguments::Dict)
get_entitlements([::AWSConfig]; ProductCode=, <keyword arguments>)

using AWSCore.Services.entitlement_marketplace
entitlement_marketplace([::AWSConfig], "GetEntitlements", arguments::Dict)
entitlement_marketplace([::AWSConfig], "GetEntitlements", ProductCode=, <keyword arguments>)

GetEntitlements Operation

GetEntitlements retrieves entitlement values for a given product. The results can be filtered based on customer identifier or product dimensions.


ProductCode = ::String โ€“ Required

Product code is used to uniquely identify a product in AWS Marketplace. The product code will be provided by AWS Marketplace when the product listing is created.

Filter = ::Dict{String,String}

Filter is used to return entitlements for a specific customer or for a specific dimension. Filters are described as keys mapped to a lists of values. Filtered requests are unioned for each value in the value list, and then intersected for each filter key.

NextToken = ::String

For paginated calls to GetEntitlements, pass the NextToken from the previous GetEntitlementsResult.

MaxResults = ::Int

The maximum number of items to retrieve from the GetEntitlements operation. For pagination, use the NextToken field in subsequent calls to GetEntitlements.




InvalidParameterException, ThrottlingException or InternalServiceErrorException.

See also: AWS API Documentation